De sultne synger

The Food Section bringer en liste med 100 sange om mad. Fra jazz til hip-hop. Og temaet er fælles, mener Josh Friedland: Maden er en metafor for sex.

Hvorvidt det også gælder, hvis man skulle lave en dansk liste med sange om mad er svært at sige, i hvert fald når det gælder den gamle litterat Sven Møller Kristensens og jazzpioneren Bernhard Christensens Bøf med løg. Men det er helt klart at der er både metafor og lærdom i Sven Asmussens En pølse skal serveres med følse …

Døm selv om den amerikanske liste, som forresten kan høres på AOL Radio (hvis man gider besværet og den sikkert uden tvivl medfølgende spam) indtil 14. juni:

  1. All That Meat And No Potatoes by Fats Waller
  2. All You Can Eat by the Fat Boys
  3. Artichoke by Cibo Matto
  4. Augustus Gloop by Danny Elfman
  5. Augustus Gloop by The Poozies
  6. Banana Boat (Day-O) by Harry Belafonte
  7. Beans And Cornbread by Louis Jordan
  8. Beef Jerky by Cibo Matto
  9. Birthday Cake by Cibo Matto
  10. Black Coffee In Bed by Squeeze
  11. Bowl Of Oranges by Bright Eyes
  12. Brown Sugar by DAngelo
  13. Brown Sugar by the Rolling Stones
  14. Candy by Cameo
  15. Candy by Morphine
  16. Candy (Drippin Like Water) by Snoop Dogg
  17. Candy Shop by 50 Cent
  18. Catfish by Bob Dylan
  19. Catfish Blues by Jimi Hendrix
  20. Chicken Grease by DAngelo
  21. hicken Noodle Soup by Webstar & Young B
  22. Chicken Soup With Rice by Carole King
  23. Chocolate Buttermilk by Kool & The Gang
  24. Chocolate City by Parliament
  25. Chocolate Factory by R. Kelly
  26. Choux Pastry Heart by Corinne Bailey Rae
  27. Cigarettes And Chocolate Milk by Rufus Wainwright
  28. Cookin by Clifford Brown
  29. Crawfish by Elvis Presley
  30. Days Of Wine And Roses by Henry Mancini
  31. Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavor On The Bedpost by Lonnie Donegan
  32. Drinks by Twista
  33. Egg Man by the Beastie Boys
  34. Eggs And Sausage by Tom Waits
  35. Fried Chicken by Ice-T
  36. Giblet Gravy by George Benson
  37. Gimme That Wine by Lambert, Hendricks & Ross
  38. Gin And Juice by Snoop Doggy Dogg
  39. Glass Onion by The Beatles
  40. Gone Sugaring by Mirah
  41. Green Onions by Booker T & The MGs
  42. Grits by James Brown
  43. Ham N Eggs by A Tribe Called Quest
  44. Happy Meal II by The Cardigans
  45. Home Cookin by Horace Silver
  46. Honey by Moby
  47. Honey Pie by The Beatles
  48. I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl by Nina Simone
  49. I Want Candy by Bow Wow Wow
  50. Ice Cream Castles by The Time
  51. Ice Cream Man by Tom Waits
  52. Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice
  53. It Should Have Been Me by Ray Charles
  54. Jail House Rap by Fat Boys
  55. Juicebox by The Strokes
  56. Juicy Fruit by Mtume
  57. Know Your Chicken by Cibo Matto
  58. Lady Marmalade by LaBelle
  59. Le Jazz Et Le Gin by Coralie Clement
  60. Le Pain Perdu by Cibo Matto
  61. Milkcow Blues Boogie by Elvis Presley
  62. Milkshake by Kelis
  63. Mother Popcorn by James Brown
  64. My Sweet Potato by Booker T & The MGs
  65. Old Joes Place by The Folksmen
  66. One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer by John Lee Hooker
  67. Orange Crush by R.E.M.
  68. Oregano Flow (Gumbo Soup Mix) by Digital Underground
  69. Otha Fish by The Pharcyde
  70. Pimp Juice by Nelly
  71. Pot Kettle Black by Wilco
  72. Potato Head Blues by Louis Armstrong
  73. Potatos In The Paddy Wagon by The New Main Street Singers
  74. Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppard
  75. Pulling Mussels (From The Shell) by Squeeze
  76. Quiche Lorraine by The B-52s
  77. Rappers Delight by Sugarhill Gang
  78. Red Apples by Cat Power
  79. Red Vines by Aimee Mann
  80. Salt Peanuts by Dizzy Gillespie
  81. Salt Peanuts by Joshua Redman
  82. Savoy Truffle by The Beatles
  83. Shanghai Noodle Factory by Traffic
  84. Spanish Grease by Willie Bobo
  85. Straight, No Chaser by Thelonious Monk
  86. Struttin With Some Barbecue by Louis Armstrong
  87. Sukiyaki by A Taste Of Honey
  88. Sweets For My Sweet by The Drifters
  89. Taco WIth A Pork Chop by Ray Brown, John Clayton, Christian McBride
  90. Tacos, Enchiladas And Beans by Doris Day
  91. Tea For Two by Ella Fitzgerald
  92. Tea For Two by Fats Waller
  93. The Coffee Song by Frank Sinatra
  94. The Lemon Song by Led Zeppelin
  95. Too Much Sugar For A Dime by Merle Travis
  96. Watermelon Man by Mongo Santamaria
  97. White Pepper Ice Cream by Cibo Matto
  98. Wild Honey by U2
  99. Yes! We Have No Bananas by Louis Prima
  100. Youre Not The Only Oyster In The Stew by Fats Waller






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